Something fishy




 Sometimes I don’t have much time to cook. Or I don’t feel like washing up… And this is when dishes like this one come really, really handy. You won’t even need to use plates for this one!

Narda Lepes is well-known in Argentina. She has been on television for a while. I would even say she is almost like the female version of Jamie Oliver.

 She has pretty much the same approach to food that he does. Needles to say, I love her recipes too! On my last trip to Argentina, in January, I got hold of her new (and so far only) book. I was not going to let it pass.

Leafing through it recently, I discovered this dish. You know when you feel like the recipe is calling out to you: “Make me! Try me!” This is exactly what happened with this one.   


 And it was really, really good.   

Fish with capers – adapted from a recipe by Narda Lepes in Comer y Pasarla Bien


Season the fish filets.  Heat a very thick pan and add a slug of olive oil, place the fish (skin side down) until it is golden.

Turn over and add capers and and some lemon juice to taste.

Boil potatoes with or without skin (depending on whether you feel like peeling them or not), cut into even-sized pieces. Add them to the pan so that they absorb the taste.

It is better to add them at room temperature, otherwise, they will not heat properly.

Before taking off the heat, add 1 tsp. butter or olive oil and more pepper.


Don’t bother to serve it in a plate because it gets cold. Eat it straight from the pan.


If you are using salted capers, do not add salt when seasoning the fish fillets.

Update: I have made this dish several times now. If your local supermarket doesn’t have any capers you can use cocktail gherkins chopped into caper-sized pieces. And lime juice goes equally well instead of lemon juice.








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