Yesterday I had a very special visit.

Julie, my previous landlady came to pay me a visit.

And she brought someone very special along. 




When I went to see the room at Julie’s house, almost five years ago, she invited me over for a cup of tea.

No sooner had I sat down that this little thing called Buffy jumped on my lap and from that moment on we became fast friends. I am not embarrassed to say that it was love at first sight.





Even though she was already a part of a happy loving family, we pretty much adopted each other immediately.

For four years I have been able to spoil her to my heart’s content so when finally the time came for me to move house it was a very, very difficult thing to do.

I have missed her ever since, especially the mornings, when she used to scratch my bedroom door and jump right on to my bed to wake me up.


So when Julie accepted coming over to see my new house I was really looking forward to it. I wanted to make the occasion extra special, both for Julie and Buffy.


So I had the idea of baking her some doggie treats. Had to, really. As a v. special treat.





These biscuits are very healthy and they got Buffy’s seal of approval!

Then I took her for a walk although I wasn’t very sure of who was sitting who exactly.






I really hope we can make of this a regular habit and Buffy is definitely going to get a very special Christmas present from now on! 




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