Tack så mycket!

For those of you who don’t speak Swedish…


And it goes to fellow blogger, Anne from Anne’s food, who organized this amazing book giveaway contest.





Believe it or not, I was one of the lucky winners!

Although I haven’t seen it yet, the book seems gorgeous and I can’t wait to start trying recipes from it.

I am absolutely chuffed because it combines two of my strong interests: Swedish culture and baking!

I will be cooking A LOT from it, I can guarantee you that!

And last but not least I also want to thank Kinna and Elina who kindly gave the books for the raft.

May I say they have done an amazing job with this project, they have published the book themselves and, if the covers are anything to go by…

it must be fantastic!

Thank you.





2 thoughts on “Tack så mycket!

  1. How are you doing with the swedish? I hope you do understand or you write me and ask. We do have the book in english as you already might know.
    =) Kinna

  2. Hej,Kinna!
    Thanks for dropping by.
    My Swedish is fine I guess, I dashed to my end of the year test last Tuesday direct from work right after baking a Tosca cake!
    Vi ses!

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