Best of the rest






These are a few of the canapés that graced our Christmas Eve table. And they are so simple that, for once, I am not going to give a recipe for them (do you really need them?)


Almond-filled pitted olives (these came right out of a jar, I confess! Though you could easily make them at home, you know)


Pain d’épices, foie gras and dried apricots mini-brochettes


Parma-ham wrapped figs (he who says figs says prunes, apricots, even peaches or Cantaloupe melon cut into bite-size portions…)


Petits fours salés

These were pâte brisé and pâte feuilletée off-cuts (from shop-bought pastry) rolled out and cut into rectangles, brushed with egg-wash and sprinkled, quite generously with grated Parmesan cheese and a little bit of paprika), then rolled in from both sides to get a palmier shape and finally cut into little palmiers and baked in the oven until they are golden. We added some more grated Parmesan once they were on the baking tray.










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