Too many books


I had sworn solemnly to myself not to buy any more cookery books as I am seriously running out of space to store them.

However, when I see something interesting which is there practically for the taking, this proves a very hard thing to do.

Which is what happened the other day. As a general rule I like having the occasional sandwich at Prêt although they can be quite pricey. Right opposite the one I normally go to, near my uni, there is this bargain bookstore which had a copy of their cookery book, Prêt à Manger: Food on the Move, for less than the price of a Prêt sandwich! Of course, the book went home with me.

It was from there that I tried this recipe for home-made hummus. I did half the recipe, partly because the tin-opener had decided to play hide-and-seek so I had to use a somewhat troglodyte method to open the chickpea tin but also because fresh hummus doesn’t keep well. The quantity I made should be more than enough to feed two people.




Prêt’s Hummus – adapted from Prêt à Manger: Food on the Move



1 x 220g cooked chickpeas, drained

1 small clove of garlic or ½ a big one

1 tsp. balsamic vinegar or white wine vinegar

squeeze of lemon or lime juice

½ tsp. creamed horseradish (I omitted it)

slug of olive oil

salt and pepper

chopped coriander (optional)

pinch of ground cumin OR all of the following:

pinch fennel seeds

pinch of caraway seeds

pinch of cayenne pepper


Blend the chickpeas and the clove of garlic. Add the balsamic vinegar, the lemon juice and season with salt and pepper. Blend a little bit more. Add either the cumin or the fennel and caraway seeds and the cayenne pepper. Continue to blend. With the blender running add the olive oil in a trickle, just like you do when you make mayonnaise. The chickpeas should turn into a paste, if you have eaten hummus, you know what I mean! Add some chopped coriander and blend just a little more. Serve in a bowl and decorate with some extra chopped coriander on top.


By the way, the book comes with a voucher for a free Prêt sandwich on the back jacket!







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