Playing with fire


 Playing with fire


Let me tell you:

These little guys here took me back to my school days when, during chemistry lessons we tried (unsuccessfully) to make soap. Not even my devotion to MacGyver (something I have in common with the Bouvier twins) was enough to motivate me into being remotely interested in the subject.

I do remember the burners though because they were, together with the periodic table of elements, a constant companion.

These burners are really pretty. And they keep food hot wonderfully well. They are ALSO deceitfully simple to light. You just have to be a contortionist or an experienced juggler to do it as I discovered today.




The photo above is not nearly as pretty as the others but it shows just why I was constantly badmouthing the burners as I tried to place the burning candle below the burner without setting fire to myself. I am sure MacGyver would have figured out what to do pretty quickly but, alas! I’m not him.

I kept on trying to place it at the base from above (I had already tried placing the candle first on the base but, as you can see, the smaller ring holds it too tightly and it was simply dancing on top of the candle done that way). In trying to place it from above, I was simply burning my fingers (plus, there was a dangerous draft which dispersed the flame e-ve-ry-where!).

So, I spent many minutes like a monkey, doing it WRONGLY, first from the top, then from the bottom until I just wanted to scream with frustration!

When I was about to give up, someone actually took pity on me and showed me how to do it: you have to grab it and lower it from above (as I was doing) but, instead of dropping it to the base of the burner (as I was also doing), you put your other free hand in through the side and grab it from there. Then you place it on the base. At least I learn something new every day.

With that out of my chest, I wanted to tell you about one of the beauties that we put on top to keep warm.


Cous cous with orange and cumin


I have blogged about cous cous before so I’m not going to repeat the recipe here but I will tell you this delicious variation:

Cous cous with orange, cumin and pine nuts

1 quantity basic cous cous (see this post)

lemon juice

orange zest

herbs (added at the last minute), why not some freshly chopped coriander?

carrots, sliced and boiled (or roasted)

cumin, to taste

pine nuts or even better, roasted almonds


Once the cous cous is ready simply add all of the above and keep warm. As if I didn’t know… 





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