Best bagels in town


 Daniels 1


My very good friend Amal came from Reims, France to spend a few days with me last Friday.

Even though the weather here was typically English for the summer (read several drizzles and one shower storm) we managed to go to many a place in London.

After having lived in south London for many years since I came to England some years ago, I moved to north London last year.

I now live a stone throw’s away from the Jewish quarter in Golders Green.

Living close to the Jewish quarters has many advantages, one of which is having so many incredible eateries to choose from should you feel the need to feed something other than your soul.

So, today we decided to visit one of them. I had been wanting to visit Daniel’s ever since I moved to this area and today was the day.

They had so many wonderful things that it was difficult to choose but I really wanted to try a smoked salmon bagel. After all, what best place to get it from than a Jewish deli in the Jewish quarter?

 And it was great.

 Daniels 4


Smoked salmon bagel


bagels, cut in half

cream cheese, as needed

smoked salmon, 2 slices per serving

cucumber, sliced, 3 or 4 slices per serving

freshly ground pepper

lemon zest (optional)


Spread both slices of bagel with cream cheese (be generous).

Carefully arrange the salmon slices on the bread and sprinkle with the lemon zest.

Top with the cucumber slices and season with ground pepper to taste.



12-14 Hallswelle Parade
Finchley Road, London NW11 0DL




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