Being a “leftie” has nothing to do with political ideology. Those who are lefties will, no doubt, know what I am talking about. (For those who are not, I will tell you: it’s a nickname for a left-handed person).

Today is the International Left-handers Day! Although this has been celebrated since 1992, I have been unaware of the fact until this very day when I heard it on the radio.

In my life I have admired many a leftie:

Kurt Cobain

Facundo Arana


Even Ned Flanders…

And of course, one of my culinary heroes, Gordon.

This being a food blog, I am going to have to post a recipe, haven’t I? Well, these two recipes come from a rather unexpected leftie: Paul McCartney.

In all honesty, I haven’t tested the recipes yet but I promise to include photos once I do.

And yes, I’m a leftie too!

Paul’s Scrumptious Salad

by Paul McCartney
Recipe Serves: 2


Take two generous handfuls of baby spinach leaves and put in a salad bowl. Add to this another kind of lettuce of your own choice, perhaps rocket (arugula) or Romaine (ordinary green lettuce). Mix the lettuce gently together, then take a tomato and cut it up any way you fancy (large slices or little bits) and add to the lettuce. It’s sometimes nice to use three to four cherry tomatoes if you can find them. I like to cut these in half as an alternative to the straight forward tomato. Then add a little of what you fancy, for instance, I like to add half an avocado pear, which I cut into smallish pieces or another alternative is crumbled feta cheese or perhaps sliced Red Leicester or cheddar.

You can use your imagination as to how big the pieces or slices can be. I like to slice the cheese paper thin but the choice is yours. Once you’ve got all of this in the salad bowl take a small mixing bowl or cup and put in it a tablespoon full of olive oil, a small teaspoonful of balsamic vinegar, then squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the mixture, add a pinch of salt and give the mixture a good whisk. Sometimes for a change you can add half a teaspoon of French mustard or I like honey mustard. Or, if you can manage to get some stuff called Braggs, which is a liquid aminos seasoning “thang”, a dash of this makes for an interesting dressing. However, if you want to keep it simple that’s fine too. After you’ve whisked your dressing and just before you’re ready to eat your salad, pour the dressing into the bowl and gently give the whole salad a mix. Turn it out onto a plate and enjoy this lipsmacking treat.

P.S. There are variations of this salad. Once you get the hang of it, you can vary it to your own taste. For instance, I like to add fake meat slices, chopped into thin strips or even just ripped with your fingers. You could also try chopping up a couple of silverskin onions or a couple of pickles. The list is endless and that bit is up to you. Anyway, have fun and enjoy your salad, Paul. (McCartney)

And here is the man himself making Mashed Potatoes:

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