A very long interval


filete de brotola

It´s finally time for some proper blogging again! I am currently in Buenos Aires, sorting out some stuff. That doesn´t mean I am not cooking, quite the contrary! One of my addictions here is the Gourmet channel (I am cooking a lot from the TV recently). This is just one of my most recent dishes. It was simply delicious so I am reproducing it here never to lose it again.

White fish filet – adapted from a recipe by Narda Lepes in Recetas y Secretos de Narda

cress:  1  cup
juice of  1 lemon
olive oil, as needed
salt and pepper to taste
fresh white fish (any one you like) 4  filets
chopped parsley  1 tbsp.
vermouth or white wine  1/4  cup
boiled potatoes 2 

Cut the filets in portions, season with salt and pepper on both sides.

To cook seal the fish with olive oil on both sides in a very hot pan.

Once cooked, take the fish out of the pan and gather the gravy by adding the vermouth or white wine, lemon juice, chopped parsley and cress leaves, sautee for a few minutes and take off the heat. 

Serve two fish portions with a cress garnish and one whole potato au naturel (boiled) and drizzle with olive oil.

Caramelized tomatoes – adapted from a recipe in Huente-co by Francis Mallmann 

1 ripe beef tomato per person

caster sugar, as needed

a little olive oil for frying 

In a small pan heat up a little olive oil. Cut the beef tomato in half and sprinkle the cut side generously with some caster sugar. Place this side down on the pan leaving the sugar to caramelize.

Note: I don’t particularly like my tomatoes to be too cooked (like the English do) so I just leave the tomato in the pan enough for the sugar to caramelize it and not more. This way the tomato stays nice and raw which is the way I like to eat it!


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