Christmas lights

It seems like London has finally caught up with the Christmas markets fad.

Not that they’re a new thing, mind you, having been around for a couple hundred years some of them. But they seemed to be more of a central European/nord-Germanic thing.

Recently, they seem to have realized it’s as good an opportunity as any other to encourage the compulsive buying that seems to affect most Londoners. Hence the Oxford Street (teenee-tiny) Christmas market but charming anyway.

BTW, I was delighted to discover a stand selling Dutch poffertjes (I fell in love with those tiny pancakes when visiting Vollendam on my first visit to Holland), so much so that I bought my very own poffertjes pan! (remember this?)


Serves 4

250 g flour

pinch of salt

10g fresh yeast (use half if you go for powder yeast)

3,5dl milk

Mix the salt and the flour.

In a separate bowl, dissolve the yeast in a pich of warm milk. Add the flour alternating with the remaining milk until you have a smooth paste. Leave to prove for about 1 hour.

Butter the holes of yout poffertjes pan and heat on the hob. Fill with the equivalent of 1 tsp. flour of paste in each hole.

Let it fry just until the surface is dry (see the photo). Turn over with the help of a wooden  spoon. Finish frying the other side.

Serve hot, about 12 poffertjes per portion, with a knob of butter in the centre and a good sprinkle of icing sugar.

You can also replace the icing sugar with some Dutch advocaat liqueur.


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