Room Service

‘The sandwich he’s offering looks delicious.  I thank him and start eating. Smoked salmon, watercress and lettuce on soft white bread. The crust is nicely crunchy, and horseradish and butter complete the sandwich.’

Murakami Haruki Kafka on the Shore

Not much more to say, is there? I just had to make it.

I spent one of my best summers lying in the sun, stretching like a cat, reading Murakami with this soundtrack in the background.

I have been a life-long Bryan Adams’ fan (since he went to Argentina as David Bowie’s opening act and even though he performed just a few songs, he totally blew me away). I consider this as one of his best works.

Simple as that.

Now let me see… Was that back in the summer of 1999? It would have been a nice punchline if it had been but the truth is, I can’t remember what summer it was, only that, to quote Bryan: ‘those were the best days of my life‘.


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