The shomaker’s son always goes barefoot

This was concocted last year during a brief period in which I lived in an oven less flat. Not that my oven now is a big thing but it does the job.

After sulking around for a couple of days after my arrival, my brain started adjusting to the situation. After all, “necessity is the mother of invention”. So, I started making up all sort of dishes that did not require an oven.

When my friend Amal came to visit I surprised her with this. With strong reminiscences of our familiar Empanada Gallega in Argentina, popular during Easter, it’s a good alternative when you want to eat it but don’t feel like going to the hassle of making the pastry or when the day is too hot to turn the oven on (we can only dream here but in Argentina it happens a lot, believe it or not).

Roasted pepper, tuna and egg wraps – © Gabriela R.

Serves 1

1 tortilla (I used a chilli-flavoured one)

Hummus, as needed (ready-made or you can make it from scratch. Recipe here).

Roasted peppers, as needed (again, shop-bought or you can make them from

scratch. Recipe here)

1 boiled egg (I boil mine for 7 minutes which gives them that slightly soft yolk centre

which I love)

½ can of tuna in brine (the peppers have enough oil as it is)

black olives

salt and pepper

If you want, you can warm up the tortilla. Not long, just a couple of minutes to get it warm but not dry. We don’t want nachos here.

Spread the hummus and then assemble the tuna, the egg, quartered, the olives and the roasted red pepper. No quantities here, just please yourself.

Be aware that the wrap will drip so either close one end when you’re eating it or be careful.

You can also replace the roasted red peppers with sun-dried tomatoes and the hummus with guacamole.

Roasted pepper, tuna, egg and potato salad – © Gabriela R.

If you have some leftover filling, you can do without the tortillas, add a few boiled potatoes, drizzle with some olive oil and you’ve got yourself a salad!

Home-made Nachos – © Gabriela R.

Incidentally, if you have some left over tortillas you can cut them up in triangles (use your imagination!) and dry them in the oven around 5 minutes on each side BUT keep an eye on them so that they don’t burn.

Serve warm with some hummus on the side. Better than industrial ones!

Happy Days!


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