The best shepherd’s pie ever

I know it might just be a question of time before my blog entries and my recipes read like a Jamie Oliver menu.

But to be honest this is easily the best shepherd’s pie I’ve ever eaten.

And, it’s all made with leftovers.

After making the Clark’s potato cakes yesterday, I was left with enough filling and mash for a modest shepherd’s pie. My leaving it overnight in the fridge had a double purpose: I not only could not take another bite after the potato cakes, it also concentrated the flavour beautifully.

Since I’m not giving a recipe today, let me tell you a bit about shepherd’s pie instead.

Shepherd’s pie was first recorded in Victoria’s reign and technically, it is made with lamb. If it’s made with beef it’s called cottage pie but I like to call my dish shepherd’s pie even though I’ll never make it with lamb. They’re just so cute.

One very interesting thing to note is that shepherd’s pie is an absolute staple in Argentinian households where it’s called pastel de papa y carne or for shorts pastel de papas, literally: potato pie. So imagine my surprise when I arrived in London and, eager as I was to learn everything about its culture and its cuisine I was told that one very British dish was shepherd’s pie, aka pastel de papas… the world is indeed small…

The British stayed in Buenos Aires for several years, the trains were British and, until they changed hands, they ran beautifully. Not anymore.

If you know where to look, there is a lot of British influence around from times long gone. Whole areas of Buenos Aires such as Temperley and Hurlingham to name just two have British names. So it’s not surprising that, in a country where the immigrants literally made the city and a lot of the rest of the country, the British had left their mark in our cooking as well.

We, Argentinians are deeply thankful.


2 thoughts on “The best shepherd’s pie ever

  1. Hello Charles

    Thanks for visiting my blog.
    Pubs in Buenos Aires are very different from those in England. They do not normally serve food, only snacks and drinks.
    Yours was quite a difficult question because most people I know (me included) will eat shepherd’s pie at home, it is not something you would order at a restaurant (at least locals won’t).
    That said, I did a bit of research and I found this restaurant. General opinion seems to be good and they do recommend their shepherd’s pie baked in a clay dish as the specialty of the house.

    I hope it helps!


    Don Zoilo
    Honorio Pueyrredón 1406 – Ciudad de Buenos Aires
    Tel: 4588-3800 – Villa Crespo

    Or you can try some Bodegones in San Telmo
    or La Farola de Nuñez.

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