Rainy days and lángos

Try as I might, I didn’t manage to find it during my short trip to Budapest where it’s a popular street-food.

But I do remember it from my childhood.

I remember rainy days in the seaside town of Chapadmalal, on holidays with my best friend and her five siblings and her mom coming to feed us. Now, practicity was always her strong point.

And what would you feed seven very hungry young mouths? It had to be something unfussy, quick to make, not messy to eat and the most important thing, it had to be good. The answer was, of course, lángos, a speciality from her native Hungary, which was simplicity itself.

You see, even at a young age, I was very inquisitive and I would pester everyone I knew into telling me in detail how something I had just eaten had been made. Luckily for me, Herminia, my friend’s mom, was always very generous and very patient with me.

She would simply fry pizza dough, drain and pile the lángos up while they were still piping hot, and my friend Alejandra, her siblings and me would gobble them up scrubbing a garlic clove on top and sprinkling some salt on them. I can tell you, to this day, I’ve never eaten something more delicious than this.

I know in Hungary they would sometimes do them  with cheese but I only knew the plain variety. Not that I am complaining for lángos will forever remain linked to beautiful childhood memories for me.

Thanks, Herminia, for teaching me how to make this tasty snack!!


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