When inspiration strikes…

It all started with me running out of coffee and wanting to have a second cup for breakfast. Cold weather has definitely arrived so I decided to have a mug of comforting hot chocolate.

Then my mind started working, (yes, believe it or not, I do think sometimes) and I started to play around. Not long ago I made some spiced honey cookies in preparation for Christmas so I decided to literally, spice things up a bit.

This was the result. I admit it’s not very photogenic but tasty, it is… I could have made frothy milk the rustic, Jamie way (by putting hot milk in a tupper container with a VERY firm lid and then shaking it for a minute or so then pouring it onto the chocolate and spices) but I couldn’t be bothered.


makes 1 mug of hot chocolate

Get a mug and measure the milk in it. Heat it either in the microwave or  in a pan on the hob. While it’s happening, add 2 tbsp cocoa powder to the mug (or to taste), 1 pinch cinnamon, 1 pinch allspice, 1 pinch ginger and a teeny tiny amount of cayenne pepper (just to give it a kick). Mix well. Add the hot milk (don’t let it boil) and you’re ready to go!




I found it sweet enough but I reckon that a bit of honey wouldn’t be out of place…


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