The simple life

Sometimes the simplest things in life are best. So it is with these truffles. They are incredibly easy to make, you only need two ingredients (OK, maybe three) and they are unbelievably satisfying, not to mention, very delicate if you happen to make them as presents for somebody else.

Dark chocolate truffles

450g chocolate

275ml double cream

To coat:

Dark cocoa powder


Chop the chocolate into tiny little bits and melt it by pouring over the hot (not boiling) cream. Leave it to melt for a few seconds and then mix gently with a spatula. Put in the fridge to set for a couple of hours until they are firm enough to roll into truffles.

Take bite-sized portions with a spoon and shape them into irregular rock shapes (I don’t like them too perfect and even, I think they are more interesting if they don’t look the same, like they have a bit of personality). Then either roll them into the dark cocoa powder or in praline. Place them on a plate or in individual chocolate paper cases. Either way, don’t pile them up or they might get squashed.

What is left for me to say? Just lick your fingers and be happy!


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