The Alternate Fondue



With Valentine’s Day right on your doorstep I thought it’d be fun to share recipes which don’t necessarily yield 6 + servings.

Feel like cheese fondue but there’s only two of you to share it ? This is a great and original alternative to get it out of your system.

I was strongly influenced by Nigel Slater when making this recipe although I have to say I’ve seen mutations of it practically everywhere, there’s even one in the Desperate Housewives cookbook. I can’t  really remember who was cooking it but my guess would be Bree? LOL



Fondue de Camembert – © Gabriela R.

Serves 2

1 good-quality camembert in a wooden box

½ garlic clove (or a whole one if you really like it!)

about 1 tbsp. white wine

To serve:

pickled gherkins (optional)

torn white or brown bread



Take the camembert out of the box and put it aside. Rub the bottom of the wooden box vigorously with the half clove of garlic.  Take the camembert out of the paper wrap and discard it. Place the camembert inside the wooden box. Make a hole in the middle with a skewer and pour the wine inside (a medical syringe works wonders for this). Bake in a preheated oven at 150C for about 15 minutes or until the cheese starts to burst. (When it happens, you’ll know, believe me). If it’s properly done, the cheese will have melted completely and the only thing holding it together will be the white crust.

Serve immediately with some warm bread and pickled gherkins.

Note: whether you cover the cheese with the wooden lid before baking it in the oven is up to you. It works both with and without it.


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