About me

Dear Cyber Reader,

Let me tell you a little bit about myself:

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina but I am currently living in London where I trained as a chef.

Although I am also a photographer, an AF digital camera is doing the job until I can buy a real reflex.

I am a free-lance translator as well although my real passion is, as you guessed, cooking.

I love travelling and I am a keen philologist.

I also hold a Diploma for Chefs and Patissiers which I obtained at Westminster Catering College in London.

I have worked at the 5-star Athenaeum Hotel, the Nordic Bakery, Madsen, a Danish restaurant in South Kensington, and Deep, a Swedish restaurant in Chelsea Harbour, all in London.

I have also been involved in the catering for several music festivals in the UK such as Download, Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park, London and Knebworth.

This blog is about the things I like to cook, the recipes I would like to keep handy to get back to someday, and new things I like to try.

Just think of it as a sort of electronic cookery notebook. The reason I started a blog at all was to have all my recipes finally organised, in a place where I could access them from anywhere and where I could make notes with no fear of losing them afterwards. If, on top of everything else, I can also share my recipes so that someone can find them useful, that’s a big bonus for me.

I hope you find it useful just as I do.

This blog is written in English simply because that’s how I started it but if any of you want the recipes in Spanish I am happy to oblige!


14 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hola Gaby!!!

    Me muero por ver la receta del arroz con leche en ingles y que lo lean todos los piratas en lengua mater!
    Poné recetas argentinas en ingles sacále fotos mientras la cocinas. Cool, girl!

  2. Acabo de descubrir que el queso “teleme” proveniente de California es parecidisimo al queso mantecoso. probalo y me contas.

  3. Hola Maria Eugenia!
    Ya estoy investigando el tema… Ademas soy “adicta” a los quesos asi que ya te imaginaras…

  4. Hi,

    Nice blog!

    I’m interested to study on Westminster Catering College. Do you recomend? Looks a good college, it is? Where can I faund more informations about it?


  5. Hello William!
    Thanks for dropping by. I am glad you like my blog.
    I do recommend Westminster Catering College, it is one of the best catering colleges in London and I spent many happy hours there. If you would like more information, have a look at their website


    I hope it helps!
    Good luck!


  6. Hi Gabriela,

    I have another question, could you help me?
    I’m thinking about to study Professional Chefs Scholarship in Westminster. But the course is 1 week per month, during the commercial time. I dont know how can I work then. Did you work during the course? The college helps to find a paid job?

    Thanks… gracias!

    • Hello William,
      Thanks for visiting. It’s always a pleasure.
      Normally, if you do a part-time course, you attend once a week on a “day-release” basis. This means that your employer will let you use that day to do your course because, assuming that you are working in a kitchen, it will be relevant to your career or beneficial for your employer. This has to be agreed with your employer or company before you start your course, of course.
      The college does not help you find a job directly but if you finish your course and pass your exam the qualification and the diploma will certainly be a bonus when it comes to looking for a job in the catering industry.
      I hope all this helps!
      Good luck!

    • Hello Mary
      I’m glad you like the recipe and I’m very happy it turned out ok. Now you have to make the scones, ha ha ha!


  7. saw your question one the beans and cornbread post on the pioneer woman blog. don’t know if you got an answer or not. corn meal is a finer ground than polenta, typically. not sure how interchangeable they are…

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